Project “Madeira” preview by Microsoft hits Play Store

Microsoft is getting ready to change the digital business concept again. The Project “Madeira” from Microsoft, which was obscure is now being under test on Play Store, but not for everyone. It seems like georestricted. Microsoft says it is a business solution application.

Madeira 1

As from the documentation given by Microsoft in the description below for the Application Play Store, it is a Business management solution application integrated with Office-365. It works within the Microsoft’s office solution Office-365, to reinvent the productivity. Users can view and manage their transactions and stock inventory without leaving the Outlook. It can store different Sales quotes, orders, vendors and invoices. The customer Card feature lets you to see the transaction and details of every customers including the Credits and limits.

Administrators can view their sales performance compared to the previous periods. The preview feature in the App will show the user how the data will be look like after saving, so we can input data clearly.

As the App is now restricted for the users from specific locations, everyone will not be able to preview it. But some third party sites are there to help you. Also the App is already live on Windows and iOS platforms.

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