Pokémon GO gets first update with fix in some issues

Pokémon GO is now being a super hit among Android users. The Pokémon GO is a Augment reality based game, using your smartphone camera. The main aim is to explore the world by walking and to find many Pokémon characters hiding all around the world. According to developers, it can be found near to water bodies, historical monunments and some famous architect resultants. You can catch up the Pokémon you found by throwing the Pokéball over the Pokémon.

There were some issues with the first build 0.29.0, and those are seems to have fixes in the latest update to the version 0.29.2. Now it supports devices running Android Nougat and Intel x86 devices. The changelog is below

– Seems to now be working on devices running Android Nougat.
– Also now working on devices with x86 Intel processors, like the ZenFone family.
– Unsure what else.

Please be careful while walking along the roads and streets in search of the Pokemon with your Smartphone. Happy searching !

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