Playstore gets separate listing for apps and games.

Finally, most dreamed features is here for Google Play store. We all know the advantage of Playstore which helps us to find the top games. With that feature it was very easier to find the latest top games in the Store rather than searching like a mad dog for desired game. Now that listing is coming for apps also. Previously it was available exclusively for games only, now apps are also enjoying its advantage.

Google-Play-Store-Top-Free-Apps-300x533 Google-Play-Store-Top-Free-Games-300x533



You can now find the latest top charted apps in Google Playstore just like the top games. Now onwards, you don’t want to search and scroll down infinitely to find your most suitable good app. You can access the top apps very easily and quickly with the new listing of the Google Play Store. Now you have two separate charts, one for top games and the other one is for top apps. Enjoy it now.



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