Owned a Galaxy S8 model? You will have to wait until late June to try out Bixby Voice support

Samsung launched their latest flagship devices Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in early April with a boom. It was one of the most hyped Android smartphones of 2017. However, it came out officially without a fully functional voice support for their newly introduced Bixby digital assistant.

It was always a shame to Samsung as their devices’ associated feature was incomplete. But soon after that, Samsung addressed this issue and confirmed that it will be available soon. It was expected to be available in June first week. But now, according to Wall Street Journal, the Bixby voice support won’t be available on Galaxy S8 devices until the end of this month. Since it is a reliable source, S8 owners have to be in sad.

However, it does not appear to have affected sales of the smartphones. Earlier in May, the company announced that it had already sold five million Galaxy S8 units, with 10 million units shipped to retailers.