OnePlus releases the Kernel source code of OnePlus 6T for the developers

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OnePlus released the kernel source code for the newly released OnePlus 6 smartphone. Developers can now download the Kernel source from OnePlus’s site to work on the development side of the OxygenOS.

The official announcement states: “With every release, OxygenOS has been improved. Right now it is one of the best OEM software out there, and on the OnePlus 6T, it has only gotten better. The amazing thing with Android, though, is its open nature. We are committed to helping the wonderful developer community that has blossomed and grown alongside Android. With the OnePlus 3, we started a tradition that’s become key to every launch day – to support our developer community by releasing the kernel sources as early as possible. We’re all extremely excited to find out what the Dev community will conjure up for the OnePlus 6T.”

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They also state that: “We understand being able to adjust and customize can make all the difference in how you use your phone. So, we’re dedicated to giving you all the freedom and tools you need to tailor your experience for you.”


Source OnePlus

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