OnePlus 3T now available in US and Canada

OnePlus had announced their new device OnePlus 3T before a week with some upgraded specifications for the OnePlus 3. It is a game-changing device, and it will be capable of replacing the all time favourite OnePlus 3 devices with its specifications and more upgraded functionality.

Now, OnePlus makes the OnePlus 3T devices available in both US and Canada. If you are living in US or Canada, you can get it now by spending  $439 for the 64GB version and $479 for a 128GB storage variant. But it is cool to buy the 128GB option as you will need more storage space in future and it costs only a few bucks more than the 64GB version. But the sad news is that the device is now available only in Gunmetal colour. You will have to wait until December to get that most anticipated Soft Gold variant.

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