Official Reddit App Is Now Available for Android

At last, waitings are at an end! The awaited Reddit for Android is finally floating on Google Play Store. The app is already running on some devices about a few minutes ago. Eventhough, the users aren’t completely satisfied with the new app cause it’s in development too. Now see the Reddit Android app features down here:

 Reddit is now accessible everywhere.

 Give attention to the latest News, Trends, and Memes on the web first on your Reddit app.

 The app directs you to ‘what’s worthy for you?’, and thanks your upvotes.

 The Exciting one is the Reddit Community, which raises the subjects: News, Politics, Memes, Silly stuffs, etc. – at real time.

 The very best part by Reddit is ‘WE’. The app let you share whatever you’re thinking, watching or Ideas, after all, share them at instant over the millions all over the world.

 You can post comments, share images, links, etc. towards others for discussions.

 You will be up to date with in your inbox with messages, comment replies, post replies and mentions.

The app allows you to customize (Nice Themes) the eyesight of Reddit. Look out Reddit in both Cardand Compact modes. We assure that the app will be a new compartment for every user on mobile.


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