Now You Can Send or Receive Money Over Gmail Android App

Google Wallet now extends its functionality to Gmail Android App, enabling the Gmail Users to Send and Receive money over the popular mail android application. The function is already available on Gmail Desktop, and now it’s just the extension of Google Wallet integration to the Gmail Android App.

The Gmail Money Transfer feature makes you send money free to any person who is having a Google Wallet Account beyond your Google Contacts. The sending funds over Gmail Android is currently available for US people; they can send and receive payments instantly over the app for free, also received money can be credited to your bank account with a single tap.

Sending money over Gmail Android App had become comfortable much like attaching image, audio, video or documents, you can select connect money option. But, unfortunately, the iOs user cannot go for this feature, for the time being, they will soon get the update! Still, they can use the Gmail Desktop App to avail this awesome feature.