Nokia and Xiaomi signed Collaboration Agreement Today

Nokia and Xiaomi announced that they are been ready to collaborate. Also the consignment letter had signed. Both the companies will share their licence on their cellular standard essential patents. The deal parted Xiaomi to acquire patents assets.

On deal of the agreement, Nokia will be providing network infrastructure equipment for Xiaomi. Also Nokia will take over the job to improve the capacity and low-power performance of Xiaomi Smartphones. Nokia and Xiaomi will also work united for data transport and Connecting solutions as “Nokia-Connecting People”.

Nokia and Xiaomi signed Collaboration Agreement Today 2
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Nokia will be having some best acquirements from Xiaomi. Another favourable news is that Xiaomi and Nokia will be working on IoT, Internet of Things. Nokia will be able to learn much more from Xiaomi on IoT.

Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem currently has connections to over 60 million devices in different countries. Also from them, 8 million devices are active. The result was recorded on daily analysis. This is very best occasion for Nokia to share their ideas and made them true.

Nokia and Xiaomi signed Collaboration Agreement Today 3
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Xiaomi will be making use of Nokia’s rich patent portfolio. May be extending to Western Markets as well. However, the patent is alive on 30 countries and regions in coastal areas.

It will be a good movement from both of the companies to be joined. And let’s hope a new era of Nokia-Xiaomi Smartship.

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