No New OnePlus Device on April 7th

Recent Stories say that a New Device from OnePlus is coming on April 7th. We are Sorry to Say that There is No New OnePlus Device on April 7th Unfortunately. OnePlus has Confirmed that They are not gonna release OnePlus 3 on April 7 Event. The 2017 FlagShip Killer(0r Whatever the new name is) is not gonna Release on that Event.

OnePlus Says,

“The April 7 event is focused on the China market. We will not be launching our next device then.”

The Above Statement of OnePlus Confirms that The Upcoming Event is focused on China Market instead of Next Device. OnePlus Says, “The only thing we can confirm is that [it] will be an awesome product”

The OnePlus 3 will arrive toward to Q2, 2016 and will feature a new design. So, We just have to wait for few months to get hands on the new device may be the 2017 Flagship Killer.

What’s you Expectation from the Next Device from OnePlus? Let’s Get to Know in Comments!

No New OnePlus Device on April 7th Breaks heart of Fans.

Via: Android Authority 

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