New Vodafone RED; amazing plan for Indian customers


This year is really great for Indian tech lovers and consumers. As you already know, RELIANCE’s new Jio network is becoming a viral thing in India due to its amazing offers and free preview packs. So all of the other mobile operators are trying their level best to strike back with amazing offers, plans etc. As part of that Airtel has recently launched free voice call plans for their most valuable customers who uses their expensive packages.

Now Vodafone is also striking back with their modified Vodafone RED plan. They had launched it on 2015 and it was very limited one. Now they have modified it with new plans and additions. So it is really lovable and a good rival for Airtel and Jio.  For the postpaid customers, Rs 1,999 (~$30) plan with unlimited roaming, unlimited voice calling, and 8 GB data, and a Rs 1,699 (~$26) plan with free roaming (incoming calls only), unlimited voice calling, and 6 GB data.

How cool is that ? All of the operators are trying their best to win in this crucial season. So its a great time for Indian people.

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