New Oxygen OS Community Build is Live now for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X

Again, Team OnePlus is releasing the new Oxygen OS community build for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X devices. The new Oxygen OS build is live now for the above said devices. The build comes a with a lot of new features as well as improvements. Don’t be too happy, because it doesn’t show any sign for the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

The OnePlus 3 devices are getting the Oxygen OS build  3.5.2 and it is really a big update with many more patches and new things. It brings many things including “kill all background processes” button in the recents menu, additional directions for first fingerprint configuration, Battery Saver mode optimizations and enhancements, reintroduces the contacts widget in the launcher, and brings an enhanced incoming call notification UI etc.This version not only limited to new features, it brings improvements as well.

At the same time, the OnePlus X devices are getting the new build 3.1.1 as OTA update. It also brings many new features and improvements. You can now download it on your device. OxygenOS 3.1.1 Community build for the OnePlus X:

  • Added ability to move apps to SD card
  • Improved touch responsiveness, speed, and accuracy
  • Improved HFR setting in video capture
  • Implemented September Android security patches
  • General bug fixes

Known issues:

  • SD card stability
    • “Move to SD card” in settings sometimes does not work
    • Apps/device may crash if you remove the SD card tray

If you are already using the 3.1.0 Community Beta, you will receive an OTA shortly. If you have not flashed 3.1.0, you can flash this build by ADB sideload. While your data may transfer, there is always a possibility of losing personal data, so be sure to backup all of your important data before flashing this build. Once you flash the community build, you’ll continue getting community OTAs. Please follow the links below for the experience survey and bug reporting sheet. We’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time, as it will help us make OxygenOS better. One last thing: this is a limited program, so we may disable this download link once we receive enough feedback.

Note: If you flash this community build, you’ll receive community OTAs (but not official OTAs). You’ll need to manually (clean) flash back to our official builds to continue receiving official OTAs. Rolling back to official OxygenOS versions require wiping data and cache.

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