NetFlix Will Soon Provide Option to Download Movies

NetFlix, online movies & TV Show streaming service is star now a days. Because it appeared on news many times. It was only available for very few regions. But things are changed, starting last month NetFlix expanded their service to more countries including India. So far NetFlix is now in the mind of every tech consumer.

If you are a fan of NetFlix streaming service, we have a news for you to get excited out. What’s that ? Nothing more, you can download movies and Tv shows directly from NetFlix. Company says this will available very soon. We don’t know the correct meaning of that SOON. Ha ha anyway we hope that they will introduce this new feature after this month.

Netflix’s CEO says :

We should keep an open mind on this. We’ve been so focused on click-and-watch and the beauty and simplicity of streaming. But as we expand around the world, where we see an uneven set of networks, it’s something we should keep an open mind about.

If this come to life, NetFlix will become the number one online streaming service in the world. Let’s wait for that.



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