MSQRD App goes viral on the Google Play store; Masquerade yourself in selfie videos

We all are like to take selfie snaps as well as selfie videos to make our presence in every nook and corner of social media. Some Apps like Rtrica, Youcam perfect and Cymera gave an awesome experience for selfies with live #filters and skin whitening features. But none of these Apps could introduce another levels of photography. Here is the relevancy of the App MSQRD by Masquerade Technologies Inc. The developers are mainly focused to create a new level to photography by maintaining traditional photography concepts. Through MSQRD, we can Masquerade ourselves to any some other person easily on captures.

The MSQRD os a real time 3D Rendering, face tracking application with interactive masks. The App will accurately detects the positions of nose, eyes, ears, etc. and render the real life masks over the face at any angle including Celebrities’ faces. We can also capture videos by rendering masks over the image. One of the main feature of the App is that there is no lag in voice and video delivery in rendered, recorded video. But it only allows about 30 seconds of video recording at a time. We can take selfies by tilting our head at an angle below about 75 degrees.

MSQRD Pros and Cons


  • Fastest 3D rendering.
  • Allows to capture images as well as videos.
  • Includes various types of Masks like – Old Man in B&W shade, Chimpanzee, Orang Utan, Polar bear, Tiger, Leopards, Ghost and many celebrities like Hugh Jackman, etc.
  • Direct publishing to social media.
  • Level of detail for 3D renderings are good enough.


  • Recording time limited to 30 seconds.
  • No ‘save to local storage’ option available for videos, but can be saved after sharing through the social media like WhatsApp.
  • Tilting the head more than 75 degree will remove the mask overlay.
  • Limited number of masks.

The Masquerade Technologies Inc. developed the MSQRD as a demonstration of their latest technologies like Masquerade Face Tracking & 3D Effects Rendering SDK and Filters Store. The App gives an awful experience with the strange facial renders.



Now MSQRD App has downloaded over 1Million times, Scores 4.2/5.0 in Play Store. We give the score 3.9/5.0 for MSQRD.

Download the App from Play Store

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