Motorola sends media invites for the July 25 event in New York City

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Motorola has started sending media invites to the press in New York City. As per the media invitation received by our correspondent in New York, the company is planning to conduct a major press event in New York City on 25th July. Also, we are expecting the launch of at least one smartphone at the event. The official invite says: “You won’t want to miss this,” and the invite card shows colored tunnels flash red, yellow, orange, pink and blue lights.

Some rumors hint that it will be the Moto Z2 Force model. When considering the chances and the teaser, it will be the Moto Z2 Force. However, the colored tunnels must be hinting about the new Moto mods.  Motorola had promised that any new Mods will be backward compatible, and will work with previously introduced Moto Z phones. So, the new Moto mods will attract many Motorola customers in the states.


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  1. Juan says

    Can I buy motomods alone?

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