Motorola now filed a patent for a screen that is capable of healing itself

The future is here. Motorola has filed a patent request for a self-healing display. So the big father is getting ready to make smartphones which can repair the display itself after a damage. Lenovo-owned Motorola mobility is well known for their experiments in smartphone displays. They have a product lineup with shatter proof displays. Now, looks like they are planning to make smartphone displays which can repair itself.

The process relies on something called “shape memory polymer,” a material that can apparently become deformed and then recovered through thermal cycling. Thermal cycling involves changing the temperature of the material rapidly, reports The Verge.

The user can reportedly use their body heat to get the screen to its original shape as well. Considering that this is just a patent filing, you can almost be sure that we are not very close to seeing these kinds of displays on smartphones soon. There is also a possibility that Lenovo might ditch this concept altogether and move onto a different technology. Sounds bullshit, but it works. If it happens, Motorola will become the first smartphone manufacturer to bring such an innovation in the market.


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