Moto G4 Plus Promotion Banner shows Android O

We all are currently waiting eagerly for the next version from Google’s Android OS, the Android N 7.0, which is at the edge of the probability to be named as “Neyyappam”. The Android N has not yet completely revealed to us and they recently released Android N Developer Preview 3 for developers. Apparently, most of us have not thought deeply about the the Android 8.0 “O”, but gives probability to “Oreo”. But the Android O has appeared in a promotional banner for Motorola Moto G4 Plus.


In the Banner published on Weibo, Motorola says that, the device will get the updates to the next two generations for Android, N & O. This is the first strong reference for the Android “O”. But there is a probability for the Moto’s prediction to being wrong. There were some reports says that Google will change the pattern order for naming Android OS, so they would skip the Android “O”. If it will happen in 2017, Moto’s great guess might be wrong (a key to troll ’em???).

This is not the right time to think off about Android O. So we need to wait for Android N, and we hopefully say Android “Neyyappam”.

So let’s wait for the next gen Android Version, stay tuned for know more !

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