Moto G4 photos leaked with redesigned back panel

Its running 2016, still there nothing a single device from Moto segment, where lots of Lenovo devices got life. But there seems like Lenovo got charge to release some Moto devices, somedays we saw a leaked image of Moto 2016 flagship model then the second generation of Moto E model, now time for 2016 Moto G model.

Few days ago in tweeter, reliable leakster Evan Blass aka @evleaks shown off the bottom front panel of Moto G4 device with fingerprint sensor. After that some leaks suggest Moto G4 will have a redesigned backpanel, which can be flat instead of traditional curved Moto back.

Now seems like those leaks are very accurate, today Steve Hammerstoffer posted couple of live images of Moto G4  in NoWhere Else which showing off a front square shaped fingerprint sensor at bottom and flat design.


Personally I’m a big fan of Moto devices, but looks like this time they failed, looks like Moto is ruining gradually. The classic design, the classic front facing speaker was a perfect Moto design and deal breaker of many peoples. Fron Moto G4, the ditching some things like – the front spacing setro speaker, they place a fingerprint sensor instead of that. The glowing-stunning-dimple-iconic”M” for Moto logo at back also gone, they include a flat logo at back which is really sucks.

If you saw the old models then you can see the camera style at back isn’t also good. Speaking of flash, the rear camera arrangement containing the LED add-on also isn’t extremely pretty. Also the back cover and too much corner-cutting edge simply looking… cheap, its simply a big downgrade in designs.

Though there are nothing official about any Moto device yet. This leak could be a very first Prototype which is even way far from final touch of polishing, or even it could be fake. So the bottom line, don’t hold your breath yet. Anything can be happened in upcoming days.

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