Moto E3 Power Review; Not suitable for power users.

Moto E3 Power, the entry level device from Lenovo in the Moto series for the beginners. As you know, it is a budget focused device, and it offers everything an entry level user need. You can get decent smartphone experience with the Moto E3 Power as it packs with value for the money.

Because of the decent pricing and available features, many of our readers requested many times for the review of the Moto E3 Power smartphone. So now we are reviewing the all new Moto E3 Power smartphone. When I got the phone in my hand, some software updates were waiting for me. I have tried the device before updating and after updating. From my experience, the performance of the device slightly increased after the software update. Also, the update has removed the unnecessary hanging of the device. Now, check out the complete review for a good idea about the device.

Design and Build quality

Moto E3 Power

Just like all Motorola smartphones, E3 Power also features a nice design. Moto E3 Power looks stunning when considering that price point. It is not a metal or glass body; it is a simple plastic body. But still it is not bad, the back side of the E3 Power is awesome, and the Moto logo makes it more beautiful. Moreover, it has on-screen navigation keys. In the place of the capacitive navigation buttons, we can see a small line which increases the beauty of the device when viewing from the front side. I believe there is the mic located. We can see the big attempt of Lenovo to make the device more similar to all devices in the same series. As you know, this is a known practice generally followed by brands like Asus. Now Lenovo is also joining the party by making their phones similar to the other phones in the same series.If you look at the Moto G4, Moto G4 Play, Moto E3 and the Moto E3 Power, you can see that fact mentioned above; all looks same.

Moto E3 Power

The build quality of the device is nice as it doesn’t feel like a cheap budget phone. Moto E3 Power’s build quality competes with many of the mid-ranger devices. So you won’t get unhappy with its design and build quality. But at the same time, the back battery panel and the front display panel easily attracts mud and dust. That is the only problem which I noticed so far. And the another bad/good thing is that the device is the little bit heavy than the other devices in that price range. Also, it is the little bit bulky. Maybe that is due to the build quality and the enhanced durability of the device. Anyway, I didn’t like its bulky appearance. And the worst thing is it is not thin as company claim. It is thick and heavier. But still handy to hold. But still, we can’t compare its design and build quality with any device in that price range including Xiaomi Redmi 3S. But at the same time, Moto E3 Power is stylish, beautiful and even sexy.


Moto E3 Power

Lenovo has given attention to the screen part of the E3 Power also. You will get a nice display with the device. The display quality of the device is far better than other same range devices like Xiaomi Redmi 3s. When we compare both devices, we will have to choose Moto E3 Power as the winner. Lenovo offers an excellent display for that price, and it will surely satisfy the users. The display has good quality also. I have accidently dropped the device while reviewing it. But nothing has happened to its display; not even a small scratch.

Moto E3 Power

Lenovo offers a 5-inch HD IPS LCD with 720×1280 pixel resolution. You may feel it larger even it is a 5-inch screen. The screen size is enough for a user who doesn’t wanna get a big screen one. But seriously, the brightness is not up to mark. I didn’t like the sunlight readability of the device. We can’t read in sunlight with the device. It has sensors to enable adaptive brightness, and it works well. But still, it is very hard to read in sunlight condition. Anyways, the display of the Moto E3 Power is the best suit for an entry level device, but not so great.


Moto E3 Power

Moto E3 Power is capable enough to capture cool pics with its 8-megapixel main shooter. It can take good selfies with its 5-megapixel front camera. But still, we can see the limitations of a budget model smartphone’s camera in Moto E3 Power. It’s autofocusing is stupid than any phone in that segment. But the output pics are of good quality. I have tested the camera with daylight and in the night time. In both conditions, the camera performed well as a budget smartphone. The camera module in the back side looks awesome, and it is really small compared to the Motorola logo near to that. A Chrome lining has covered the camera module, so it looks awful.

Performance and battery

The Moto E3 Power delivers a good performance with its 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor and Mali T720 GPU. While reviewing, the phone didn’t even lag or freeze at any point in time. It works smoothly. It has 2 gigabytes of RAM to boost up the multi-tasking capabilities.


But, we must say it has cons because it runs on the MediaTek processor. It can’t deliver the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. But it has an advantage that the phone doesn’t heat up easily. It won’t heat much when gaming or multi-tasking. The thin plastic body helps to be safe from heating issues when compared to the models like Xiaomi Redmi 3s.Moto E3 Power

But the major issue is bugs. The software has so many bugs and performance clusters. It runs on the Android marshmallow 6.0 operating system. Most importantly, it is an untouched version of Android operating system. That means it is very much near to the original Android operating system without any modifications. But I don’t know why the software seems buggy. The app opening is somewhat messy. Also, the switching between apps is also a hell of a mess. I think it is due to the issue of the Mediatek processor or it has some hardware problems. So it is not recommended for mobile gaming lovers.

Coming to the battery part, it runs on a 3,400 mAh user removable battery which provides flawless power for the device. There is no battery draining issues or something like that in Moto E3 Power. It offers, even more, battery life than other phones in the price point. Also, the newly added Doze mode in the Android Marshmallow helps a lot to increase the battery life. But still, it can’t beat the Redmi 3s in the case of Battery.


Lenovo’s Moto E3 Power is a good companion for those who are looking for a pure budget friendly Android smartphone with latest essentials. Because of the near-stock Android marshmallow 6.0 operating system, you will get regular updates and latest security patches to keep your device up-to-date and safe. The camera and the battery life is good compared to the other phones. It doesn’t make too much heat as the other phones like Redmi 3s.

It is worth trying the device as it costs only Rs. 7,999 in Flipkart. It is available in black and white variants. They provide one-year manufacturer warranty and other after-sale services. If you are interested in grabbing one, you can get it from Flipkart.





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