Microsoft throttles another update to Bing Search for Android: AR, Entertainments, just in Few Taps.

Microsoft has updated their Bing Search App on Android to support Augment reality search features at ease. This is a very useful one and entertaining one, a new innovation over searching for hotels, etc.

When you open the app there will be a Camera Logo on the left side. Tapping on it brings a view through your camera. Then tap the new “360” option on the left bottom of the app. It allows you to see nearby restaurants, coffee houses, etc. Also there is much more to see on the new app. The compass icon on the top left guides you the direction to your destination, and can be switched to an overhead view of map.

Not only the AR feature, an online streaming of music, videos, lyrics from your favourite artists are also ready in the app. The Bing Search also consists of an Event ‘s page which shows you the local concerts, sports events and a Lottery page for viewing latest jackpot amounts and winning numbers. But these secondary Events page not yet seen.
Lets wait for another update to see more features. And I hope you may Download or update the app and let us know through comments.

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