Meizu Pro 6s leaked in couple of images; specs too

Chinese manufacturer Meizu is apparently working on a new device Pro 6s, the successor to the Meizu Pro 6 launched a few weeks back. The device is expected to launch later this month or November in China, as well it is not much anticipated by the tech world incredibly. A couple of images leaked via Weibo now reveals the blush specs to be featured on the next flagship device from the OEM.

The shown might be the one among the first ever leaked live images of Meizu Pro 6s. There are two pictures leaked, showing the front panel only with screen-on. The pictures show the specifications fro the Meizu Pro 6s.


Meizu Pr 6s smartphone feature a 1080p display, probably sized at either 5.5 or 5.2-inches, as from the image. The preceding Pro 6 has a 3D-Touch/Force touch display capability so that the Pro 6s is expected to have that feature. The device is powered by an alleged MediaTek Chipset having serial number MT6796 with Ten-Cores, most probably the Successor of X10 or X20, or in between them. The device carries 4GB onboard and 64gigs native storage. The device runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, topped with FlymeOS 6.2.1. The same USB Type-C port will be staying there, with sure headphone jack separate.


Meizu is expected t launch the device as a subsidiary variant if Pro 6, which couldn’t catch an eye on it by the market. So there will not be any noticeable change in the device structure including rear panel (not shown). The physical Home button is same as in the case of Pro 6, will have a fingerprint scanner included.

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