MediaTek will introduce 5G enabled Chipsets on 2018

MediaTek is planning to unveil the Chipsets which is enabled to work with 5G Spectrum. The company is currently allotted more than 100 workers to develop and work with 5G Chip solutions to bring it up on 2018, trying to be earlier than others. It is reportedly says that the company will recruit more employees to work better with 5G Chips, could be more than 200 or 300.

Recently, Japan based cellular operator NTT DoCoMo had announced that they are going to be partners to bring up the 5G technology researches earlier, and as a continuation Comapny has declared the partnership with MediaTek for 5G. Also, Spreadtrum Communications from China, a semi-conductor manufacturer also announced the introduction of 5G Chips on 2018. The company is expected to work more with Chinese telecom operators.

Currently, the 4G Network technology is huge enough for faster data transfer, which gives around 70-100Mbps bandwidth commonly allover the world. So there would be no Commercial version of 5G Network in near future. Early in 2016, Sprint’s CEO had said that the won’t bring up 5G in near future, because 4G is huge enough now. The official entry of 5G Network into cellular technology is expected on 2020. So we have to wait for at least 3 years more to feel the speed of 5G.

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