Looks Like Prisma’s servers are having issues


Prisma is AI-Powered Artwork app, It’s been very popular ever since it’s released for Android. But Some People are having serious issues with it. Over Capacity Issues saying:

Prisma is over capacity
There are too many people using Prisma right now. Please wait a moment and try again.

Mostly it gets stuck on saying “Creating Artwork..” and Sometimes, it shows Above message.

Why This?

Prisma isn’t a filter app that just applies some colors filters like, Instagram. Instead it uses a AI Method to redraw the images, That of course needs more More Computations.

How we got the error?

When we installed “Prisma”, We edited a couple of pics and we were really impressed by Prisma. But, After that We felt that, Prisma got alot slower than before and Stopped working after that.

The Real Solution: Prisma Developers should add more Cloud Computing Power

Meanwhile, Here are things you can do yourself.

  • Prisma doesn’t support multi-window
  • Make sure you’ve got a reliable data connection
  • Don’t hit the home or app-switching keys while Prisma is processing
  • Wait a little more.

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