LG ONAM Campaign: LG Celebrates 20 years in India

Image Source: Androidhits.com

South Korean manufacturer Giant LG has conducted a festive campaign in Kochi, Kerala India. The tech giant joined to celebrate ONAM – a native festival for Keralites by showcasing some of their flagship product lineups in the campaign. LG is also celebrating their 20th year in India. Back in 1997, the company came into the market with consumer products, now extended into premium flagship smartphones.

From the words of Amit Gujral, the CMO of LG India, the company had achieved 900 Crores of total sale revenue, only in Consumer Product segment. As the Onam is only festival season celebrated by Malayalees unitedly, the company has the revenue of 450 Crores only in the season, which is calculated to the half of total annual revenue. So, they take the Onam season much seriously this time too. “This year, our target is to reach 1100 Crores from Kerala, and 550 Crores only in Onam Season”, said Gujral.

Image Source: Androidhits.com

The company has showcased top-notch devices from every category including Smartphones, Televisions, Audios, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens and Water Purifiers. One of the attractive products was the ultra slim OLED Panel TV which has a mind-blowing dimension of thickness. The smartphones showcased were LG G6, K10, K8, Stylus 2 and Stylus 3.

This Onam, LG offers various promotional discounts like flat 20%off, Easy Installment Plans and even announced the donation of their devices to Government institutions, Hospitals, and Orphanages to function better.

  1. Kamal Singh says

    That Transparant G6 looks great. Can I get one?

  2. Abdullah Bin Mubarak says

    It is actually a prototype showcased by LG to explain the internal functioning of LG G6 like Water Proofing and Thermal Management. Nothing beyond 🙂

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