Lenovo to manufacture another Project Tango smartphone in 2017

First Project Tango smartphone which was enabled with motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception using advanced sensors and camera modules was launched by Lenovo earlier, named Phab 2 Pro. It is an excellent Project Machine which is capable of wide range of depth sensing, rather than a consumer smartphone. Lenovo Phab 2 is the first and only device which is currently made available using Google’s Project Tango.

It is reportedly said that many other companies other than Lenovo are now working on Tango-enabled smartphones for 2017. Though it would be very tough for Lenovo to sustain without any next-gen Tango devices,  they will be manufacturing more Tango devices. The same thing has been mentioned by Lenovo General Manager Jeff Merideth. The company will be making the second generation of Phab 2 by next year so that they could stand a step ahead while their opponents are ready to get started. As there will be many Tango devices coming on next year, developers are expected to publish many Tango apps on Play Store.

The introduction of many Tango devices would make the Tango-enabled devices more common among smartphone users and researchers. It can be a very great replacement for highly massive instruments in labs.

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