KingRoot 4.9.3 APK released for Android

Well, almost every Android users are aware of the pros and cons of rooting your Android smartphones. By rooting, users can access into the restricted area of the Smartphone OS and Cores, blocked by OEMs. One of the most popular rooting application software is KingRoot. The most interesting fact in KingRoot is that it can independently work inside the smartphone and root the device without any help of PC softwares or flashing recovery.

The new update for Kingroot is with version number 4.9.3 and build number 144. App weighs only 7.54MB, a slight higher than previous version. Also there is not much changes in the UI, but there is some little changes in performance. Support for previously unsupported devices have not seen in the new update too.

KingRoot needs internet connection for rooting the device runs Android 2.3+ (recommend Android 4.3+), and it will root by the suitable way as required per each ROMs. Rooting the Android device using Kingroot APK is just a “soft rooting” process and it can be unrooted by a single tap.

You can download the latest update for the KingRoot 4.9.3 safelyfrom APKMirror (Click Here) , or by scanning the QR Code below.

api.qrserver Scan the QR Code to download the KingRoot 4.9.3

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