More images of Huawei P9 leaks – #oo

Huawei has already teased their next flagship device, Huawei P9 with the tag #oo#. At the same time leaksters are more active to expose the specs and live images of the Huawei P9. Plenty of flesh images has been leaked for the Huawei P9 since after the launch of its predecessor phablet, Huawei P8 Max. Also the four variants of P9, including P9 Lite and P9 Max has been leaked just a while ago.

Today, some more detailed dummy images of Huawei P9 has leaked from an unknown source, but from China has goes on internet which confirms the design of theĀ  device predicted and leaked earlier. Every external body part of the device is shown in the images from top to bottom.

Begin from the bottom of Huawei P9, the speaker, Headphone jack and USB port are located here. Interestingly it features a USB Type-C, which gone trend in flagship devices nowadays. The speaker grills are almost similar to that of Apple iPhone and Galaxy S6, S7 devices. The rear panel is divided into two minor and one major part on centre, as we seen in HTC One M and Apple iPhone devices.

There are couple of camera mounted on rear panel of both 12MP, which remembers the Hashtag #oo , and a dual LED Flash and Laser AF sensor nearly to it. The part which camera module locates is divided with a white string, somewhat like the Honor 6P made by Huawei itself. At the top, we found a spot, could be the microphone for video camera. And also a 5MP camera will power up our selfies. As it is a dummy model we couldn’t find any steel ring around camera modules, which was shown before in some leaks.

From the front panel, the company badge has been added to the bottom of screen, so the navigation buttons would be on-screen. The 5MP front camera is located on top left corner, near to proximity sensor. It should be appreciated that Huawei has tried their maximum to decrease the ‘Screen-to-body ratio’, thus we can feel like a sleek, giant smartphone. But there is no NFC sensors included in the Huawei P9.

The Huawei P9 is leaked to have 5.2 inch display, powered with either Kirin 950 or unannounced Kirin 955 SoC, with 3GB/4GB RAM with 32/64 GB inbuilt storage. The security trend, a fingerprint scanner is also mounted with it. The device is expected to come on April 6 event, and let’s wait for that date for arrive.


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