Huawei has lost Android Support and the futures phones won’t have any of the Google services

This came as a very shocking news to the technology world, affecting millions of Huawei smartphone users across the world. Just like ZTE, the second biggest smartphone maker, Huawei gets added to the U.S. Commerce Department’s Entity List. This means the company will face a banned effect in the United States and all US based companies should not continue any business relations with the brand in the black list. Thereby, Huawei loses their business with Google and many other essential companies that are powering Huawei products.

As of now, Google, Qualcomm, and Intel have cut off their business with Huawei consumer group. All these companies prefer to comply with US Government’s order to run their business in the United States. This literally means that all future Huawei phones won’t have any components from Intel, Qualcomm, etc. Also, all Google services and softwares won’t work on Huawei devices.

“Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system, and the next version of its smartphones outside of China will also lose access to popular applications and services including the Google Play Store and Gmail app,” Reuters reported. The ban was imposed to Huawei when the Government placed Huawei and some 68 affiliates on a so-called Entity List, a trade blacklist, following an executive order signed by U.S. President Trump.

However, all existing Huawei/Honor users are lucky enough as the company has released a press statement which says all those devices will get the regular Android updates and support. Read the official statement below:

Huawei has made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world. As one of Android’s key global partners, we have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefitted both users and the industry.

Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.

We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally.


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