HTC U11 Kernel sourse code is now open to download

Taiwanese giant HTC had made its Kernel open Source ie, published the complete source code under GPL license (General Public License) which allows anyone to run, study, modify and share without any restrictions. The news doesn’t actually mean anything to average Smartphone consumer, yet a big news for developers and Android enthusiasts who tend a lot to build and run several customers RIMs in their Smartphones wmto unleash the real power.

Most of manufacturers nowadays discourage the usage of rooted or unlocked bootloader devices, as it affects her strength if security bond inside. Although, it is a little surprising that the HTC had converged the real power of top tier hardware with Android’s true freedom. Even few Android Apps like Pokemon GO and Spotify refuse to run on such devices. At the same time, HTC’s move is really appreciative.

From today onwards, everyone could download the Kernel Source code from HTC’s website directly and can install any we developed ROM into their HTC U11 smartphone. Let us know if you have found anything interesting about the HTC U11 while exploring through the source code. Also, ping us about your custom ROM for HTC U11 if you are an advanced Android developer.

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