HTC Celebrates 20 years of innovation: Here are some ‘must know’ things about HTC

Taiwanese electronic giant HTC has reached 20 years old a day back, an ‘adult’ now. The company has been well known for their mesmerising innovation in smartphone and related technologies every year. Well, the world might have been started gazing at the company’s innovation only several years back, but they started few of the major game changing technologies ever happened in smartphone world.

HTC has recently launched their squeezable (not literally) flagship smartphone U11 having some squeezing shortcut right on the device frame, also the most DXOMark rated smartphone camera today. The previous flagship models of the company were all well maintained the company’s goodwill in terms of build quality, design and technology. But in some recent scenarios, the company seems to be procrastinating device launching frequency in front​ of the other giants in market like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, etc.

As they’re celebrating the 20 years of innovations, the company had released a video explaining the journey of 20 years. The video mentions the best technologies those were brought forward by HTC. The first 3G-enabled Touchscreen handset and GPS included phones were the HTCs. In 2008, HTC launched the world’s first Android powered smartphone as per the ally with Google named HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1). Rest is history! . HTC’s Sense UI, one of the best User interfaces ever developed for Android also gained the popularity among Android fans.

The company had also passed through many harsh times. When the HTC launched HTC A9 back in 2015 after Apple launched iPhone 6, many critics have blamed the HTC for the unconventional plagiarism in design, in terms of the antenna lines on back. Later some unbiased opinions stated that the HTC still had the same design many years before the Apple had it. We can also notice that the company is still going through a hardest situation, that some markets marginalised their devices as overpriced which is true in some cases. However,, the company claims that they’re not giving up or going back from this innovative exploration, stating : “We are refined, we are resilient, we are curious, we are real. And we keep innovating”.
Happy Birthday HTC !