HTC 10 Selfie samples leak; featured with OIS

We are only a few days away from the launch event for the next legendary flagship device from Taiwanese company, the HTC 10. Some leaks, rumors and official renders had defined almost every probable specs for the device, but most uncertain. All those could not say everything about the specs details for the HTC 10 smartphone.

Now a twitter user named @testingsmiles ¬†shared a few snaps, says that taken with HTC 10. He also says that it is taken perfectly, bacuase of the OIS in the front facing camera for the HTC 10. If it is, HTC 10 will be the world’s first smartphone with OIS enhanced selfie shooter. The guy who was taking the selfie, had snapped pics by hanging the device in a selfie stick, standing in front of a board something shows like a celebration.

The tweet and images have gone departed within few moments, but luckily Phandroid guys have¬†been escaped some of them. It reportedly says that HTC would use the sensor used in Nexus 6P, along with the HTC’s own Ultra Pixel Camera on front. And by adding OIS to it, it would be a great surpirice for Selfie lovers.

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