How to protect your password in Android?

More than 2.5 billion people are using android to stay connected with the modern world. The hackers are continuously trying to exploit valuable information of the users. Securing yourself from the eyes of the hacker is a very hard task. Android developers are continuously working hard to offer you the best-secured environment. But this is not enough. You need to use some smart steps to reinforce security.

Read this article very carefully since we will give you some amazing tips that can protect your password in android device.

Use play store for downloading the app

You should always use the play store to download apps. Some of you might say, you need to use the app from third-party websites. Using third-party apps is highly unreliable and risky. Security is one of the most common reasons for which third party providers fail to enlist their app in the play store. Google is extremely concerned about the quality and source code of the apps. Unless the apps pass the minimum security benchmark, the apps will not be listed in the play store. So, if you use such third-party apps, it won’t take much time to lose sensitive information live passwords, credit card information, etc.

If you notice carefully, you will understand that all the apps take permission to access vital information stored in your android phone. Hackers target such apps and inject malicious coding so that they can extract such critical data from android users. But this will never a problem if you start avoiding third-party apps. Your password will remain safe and the hackers will not be able to penetrate your security.

Always use a strong password

Remembering and using a complex password is a very tough task. This is one of the most common reasons for which android users rely on a simple password. A simple password is vulnerable to brute force attack and it exposure your vital information in the hacker’s community. You should always use an alphanumeric password since it is one of the most effective ways to add an extra layer of security. Some of you might have to get locked multiple times the wrong input of such a complex password. But there is an easy solution.

The android users can rely on advanced password managers like Dashlane which stores the complex password in a secure and encrypted medium. In fact, Dashlane can easily make your life more secure. You won’t have to remember any complex password since it will automatically input the password which you previously used to access an online portal. Moreover, you can also use its premium VPN which can easily work like a Firewall. The technology used the traditional password manages adds a slight layer of security. But advanced password managers have these to the next level. They are always working hard to tighten the security of Android users so that they never have to lose any password.

Encrypt your data

The android users often store personal information, passwords in the notepad apps. The hackers are always trying to get access to your phone storage in search of new passwords or log in credentials. But if you encrypt your data, it will be tough for hackers to use the information even if your phone security is breached. In fact, most of the android smartphone has these features. Right after you get your android phone, encrypt your data.


The security of your android phone depends on your actions. If you want to keep your password safe, you need to focus on the tips of this article. You don’t have to learn rocket science to secure data. Most of the hard work will be done from the developer’s end. All you need to do is follow the tips of this article. And never share your password as it is one of the major causes for a data breach.

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