Greenify 2.9 Beta 3 added more features including Aggressive Doze for Android 6.0


One of the best power saving app in Android, Greenify now tests a new Beta version 3 of the Build version 2.9 with new features. The updated app gains more features, mainly working better with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Greenify 2.9 Beta 3 is now linked with the unique Doze feature within Marshmallow.


v2.9 beta 2
Prevent Aggressive Doze from being interrupted by significant motion. (requires granting DUMP permission manually or root)

2 new experimental features for Android 6: Aggressive Doze (no root req) & Shallow Hibernation (root), pushing the power-saving beyond Marshmallow.
Seamless auto-hibernation experience in non-root mode. (no flicking on screen any more)
New option to toggle “screen off” implementation. (root)
The Tasker plug-in should now work with compatible tools.

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