Google Allo : Google’s AI IM app hits Play Store

Google’s all new smart Instant Messaging app Google Allo have just arrived the Google Pla Store, for Android devices. Allo is almost similar to other IM Apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Google calls it as “smart messaging app”, as it features many features than the Messaging apps currently on market. The app also integrates Google Assistant preview assistant, which acts as a help guide as well as an intelligent Bot.

The Google Allo messaging app boasts the features as follows

  • Smart Reply – Allo will suggest the the replies and responses which are more relevant to the received message.
  • Ink – Send images with creative works over it like drawings and texts, but no emoji over image support.
  • Stickers – Supports various kind of stickers designed by independent artists around the globe.
  • SHOUT or whisper – Say the text LOUDER or quieter by just a swipe.
  • Google Assistant – It’s the AI powered Google Assistant available as a Chat Bot.
  • Incognito Mode – E2E Encrypted messages and Private Notifications.

By the overall performance, Allo is just okay and handy. But sometimes we may not n=get the right feeling of a messaging App at all. Just feels like a chat bot, where the Google Assistant interferes everywhere including the personal message chat boxes. The app now crosses 10k downloads on Play Store itself within the first hour of launch. It is expected to get a warm welcome from Android users, as happened in the case of Google Duo, the simple video calling app.

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