Google Sheets and Slides updated with the support for more file formats


Google has just pushed a new fresh update for Sheets and Slides apps. The update is seriously a major one and brings many new additions including enhanced file format support.

In slides app you can now export presentation slides to .JPG, .PNG and .SVG, as well as the already-available .PPTX,.PDF and .TXT.


You can send them to another person and you can download on your device too.

In the Sheets app , there are also many improvements, read below

  • Send a copy of or save a spreadsheet as an HTML web page file (provided in a .ZIP folder) from theShare & export menu.
  • Save the sheet you’re currently viewing as a .CSV or .TSV file from the Share & export menu.
  • View Google Drawings in spreadsheets (note that Drawings will not be visible in frozen rows and columns).


Updated versions of the Google Sheets and Slides apps for Android are now available on Google Play.


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