Google to restrict Video Autoplay from next Chrome update

Google’s Chrome browser, based on Chromium open source project is getting better in each day with new updates and feature additions. All the versions of Google Chrome browser released so far autoplay lots of the audio-video contents on the opened web page without asking. Users could not be able to restrict the autoplay preference and settings. Now, Google has just begun the testing of Chromium 64 based Chrome browsers all over on the various platforms. This includes Android and PC.

The new feature has been just added as an earlier-beta testing feature, to be added with Chrome Canary on Android devices. Currently, some of the policies, features, and control toggles have been added with the M63 versions of Chrome browser. Google confirms that the stable version of Chromium 63 based browsers will be released by October. The Chrome 64 Beta and Stable would get exposed later this year, says Google.

Quoting the official Chromium development website, the new autoplay policy will be effective in following conditions:


  • The content is muted or does not include any audio (video only)
  • The user tapped or clicked somewhere on the site during the browsing session
  • On mobile, if the site has been added to the Home Screen by the user
  • On desktop, if the user has frequently played media on the site, according to the Media Engagement Index

The autoplay will be turned off for the videos with sound only so that the developers can no use video with the muted track or just animated GIFs for more interaction. We have already read the headlines regarding the Google that they were planning to add a native AdBlocker to Google Chrome Browser by the end of the year.


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