Google Play Books new update Brings more improvements to the App

Google’s Play Books App has got an update today, to the version 3.9.The new version came with a new icon, familiar with the recently upgraded Play icons for Play Movies, Games and News. It features a new search bar, improved read Now list, change in settings panel. No the readers can get Notifications about their favorite writer’s latest book feeds. Downloading books to read as offline is running faster than before.

Read the Changelog

  • The app has a new icon
  • Read now highlights your books, and recommendations are easier to browse
  • Search remembers words you entered in previous searches
  • A notification now flags the arrival of new books by favorite authors
  • Changes you make to display options are easier to see
  • Downloaded books open faster

Google hasn’t pushed the update officially on Play Store. But you can download the APK file from APKMIrror, which is crypto-signed from Google itself. So no need to wait and worry.

Download the APK from Here.

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