Google Photos app asks users to identify themselves from a group of photos for Suggested sharing

© Google

Google announced the newly added features of the Google Photos app at the Google I/O. The most attractive announcement about the Google Photos service was the newly introduced ‘suggested sharing’ feature.  Now as promised, Google is implementing the suggested sharing feature on the Google Photos service. As part of that, Google is now asking the users to identify themselves from some random group photos in the Google Photos app.

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By letting the users identify themselves, Google Photos would be able to identify your face automatically from group photos. After implementing the feature, the app will share pics of friends which include their faces. This feature works on the basis of machine learning and AI system. If you visit, it will show a popup to take the identification task. With this, it will be interesting to see how well the new features will be able to work once they are rolled out across platforms.

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Source Android Police

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