Google to merge Google Play Music and YouTube Red to form a new service

Google’s Media streaming platforms Google Play Music and Youtube Red are actually performing well in broadcasting music and videos to the Android users. Both the platform stands alone with different function but seems like they are heading to get merged in order to form a  new service. In a Music Seminar today in the USA, Youtube’s Global Music Head Lyor Cohen commented that the Google is planning to merge both the services for making everything music and media easier to access.

Currently, there are two different subscription plans for Google Play Music and Youtube Red. By forming a new service merging both together, the users will be able to enjoy both Music and Videos from a single platform with a unified subscription. Currently, the Google Play Music Streaming is available without any subscription plans chosen in several markets like India, even if it prompts to purchase any monthly plan. It is not clear if the company would retain Free Service as it is or would change.

In case you don’t know, the Youtube Red is a newly launched platform for the Google’s parent organization Alpabtes as an add-on edition for the regular Youtube. The Youtube Red is a subscription platform which lets the users watch, stream and download the Youtube videos without any single ads, in accordance with the subscription package. It contains some Youtube Red exclusive TV Series as well. By creating a new platform, we hope the Google is into something big to launch a multi-functional subscription needed Entertainment Platform.

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