Google and LG Debut Android Wear 2.0

It’s time for Android wear to get a reboot.Google today launched a new version of its smartwatch os on new two LG watch models the LG watch sport and LG watch style google just had the biggest update in the smart watch software since it has launched early since three-year google launched the android wear smart watch industry growth had significantly increased

Android wear 2.0 will now have a stand alone platform for the apps, android unlikely to the previous versions of android wear the android wear 2.0 have its own unique interface and doesn’t need any android phone support to scroll through the apps however these are stand-alone these inbuilt apps can’t be replaced or support any other 3 rd party apps unless its connected with an apple iPhone Android Wear 2.0 becomes much more usable by bringing itself in line with Samsung’s and Apple’s approach to watching apps.

LG watch style

The cool feature is that now the android wear have its own Appstore and watch app menu, various unique apps, making it much more comfortable and wrist-mounted gadget the overall handling is now very flexible.the new app launcher arranges apps in circular model around the edge of the watch display that can scroll up and down by the rotating side button as in the classic watches this rotating side button is helpful for the long term reading of messages without constant swiping the LG style features the widget option which was an apple exclusive for a while.

Google clearly needs a renaissance here. According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, no Android Wear watch vendor was in the top five wearables vendors at the end of 2016.

LG watch sport

The LG watch sport is the masterpiece of work, the android wear 2.0 launches with LG watch style and sport
The LG watch style is the most smaller android wear we had ever seen with 18mm swappable bands and a “rotating power button” which seems to operate a lot like Apple’s “digital crown” as a physical control for the watch’s UI.The ” LG sport is the powerfull watch” said google it’s like a show off the platform for every feature possible in android wear, it is comparatively bigger than the style, with NFC,¬†GPS, 4G, LTE heart rate monitor google Fit and android pay it is like a mini handset.

sport is 14mm thick and has 1.38inch 480 by 480 screen,768 MB ram and 4gb of storage,LG claim that the battery should last a full day with easy usage while style is 11mm thick with 1.2 inch 360 by 360 display 512 MB of ram and 4gb of storage both phones are water resistant and runs on Qualcomm snapdragon wear 2100 processor which is wireless cradle charging supported.