Google to launch Project Ara Developer Edition this year

One of the most awaited technology piece from Google, named as Project Ara which is a complete modular smartphone, was expected to unveil on Google I/O 2016. But the Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Project) is still working on he next generation levels of modular smartphones, and it is reportedly to launch by the end of the year 2016, for developers.

According to Rafa Camargo, the ATAP lead recently described about their currently working prototype and he stated that about 30 individuals from ATAP project unit is currently using Project Ara modular smartphones for their day-by-day needs, for testing.

The Project Ara currently gains the capability to replace the hardware modules including Memory Chips, Processors, Camera modules and then you can play hardly with the “Ara” devices. The model currently in working at Google has 5.3 inch sized display. Also there would be more options to replace other body-hardware parts. ATAP Crew members are spending overtime to make realize the perfect and complete modular smartphones, and the suitable modules on every aspect. Google uses powerful bonding technology to give durability for modular modules. ATAP makes use of an open standard protocol named as UniPro, to link proper connections between modules and higher data transfer rate of about 11.9GB on both directions by consuming only 1/3 power of contemporary USB 3 ports. Popping out the replaceable modules would be via Google voice commands, for example ” OK Google, Eject RAM Module”.

Rafa Camargo also says that the Project Ara would not be limited to smartphones. There would be more Project Ara inspired devices in future including tablets, Smartwears and other IoT things.

Are you ready to play hard with Project Ara devices ?

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