Google Introduced Science Journal App for conducting experiments with Smartphones

Google introduced an App recently, at the end of Google I/O 2016 named Google Science Journal for Android devices. The App is developed for helping in experiments using different sensors, which is in-built on your smartphone. Actually, Google wants to let the children know how the sensors inside a smartphone works as well as growing a scientific inspiration on their minds. But it very helpful to serious scientists and makers too.

Google Science Journal App has only some basic accelerations and ambient testing facilities |(depending on the sensors you have on your device), which feels more accurate. Basically, it can measure out sound intensity, light intensity and X,Y,Z axis movements of smartphone using accelerometer. Google has added a section named “External Devices”, which would be used to measure other quantities and calculate the result using external devices named by google as “Science Journal Sensors”, to be paired via Bluetooth. Although, it is not connecting with any smartphones from that section, so we should think about any hardwares from Google, which is unclear till now even from Google?

Google Science Journal will start recording data after tapping on record button, and will show the recorded result in graph. We can make projects from the app and conduct so many experiments inside a single project, and archiving option will let you to archive older experiments. Also an option for adding observational notes are given.

Google included a “Making&Science” option on side drawer, which directs you to a website named same. The site is specially designed for science seekers, especially students.¬†You can be a little scientist by this App and the corresponding website from Google. Go get it from link below and be a genius with this free App from Google itself.

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