Google Home gets the support to pair with Bluetooth speaker

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When Google launched Home series of smart home accessories, the biggest drawback was the lack of support for external speakers and Aux ports. Also it never pair with other music sources or any other external music players except the compatible Google Cast speaker or speaker connected to a Chromecast audio. Means, it was not even possible to connect an external speaker with a traditional 3.5mm jack. But now, the Google Home devices get the support for pairing with the external bluetooth speakers.

Since bluetooth support is a pre-built feature in the Google Home devices, the company just had to push a software update to enable the bluetooth pairing of external speakers. Since the software updates in the Home devices are silent background process, it has already shown up on various devices. So, if you have a Google Home device, you can now try pairing with an external bluetooth speaker. To pair to a Bluetooth speaker, “Open the Google Home app, head to device settings and follow the pairing instructions to make it your default speaker.” Then give it a whirl. Say “Hey Google, shuffle my workout playlist” or “Hey Google, turn up the volume.” The music will automatically play on your Bluetooth speaker—without you having to tell Google the name of the device.

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However, we have checked the same with our own Google Home Mini in the office, but we didn’t see this setting on our Google Home Mini, but you should see it soon. These features work across the entire Home family. Note you’ll still need to talk to your Google Home device—not the connected Bluetooth speakers—for queries like asking questions, getting weather updates and using smart home commands. Together, Google Home and Bluetooth speakers make the perfect arrangement for amping up the music throughout your entire home.



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