Google Assistant now works in Spanish for the US, Mexico, and Spain


As promised, Google is rolling out the Google Assistant in Spanish support for more devices in the US, Mexico, and Spain. Now it can understand and respond in the Spanish language in the above countries. Along with the Spanish language, Google also announced the support for the Italian language. So the company is keeping all the promises made during the made by google event.

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“Our goal is for the Assistant to be available to help you get things done, no matter what language you speak, what device you’re using or what question you’re asking. Today’s update is another step in that direction, as these new languages join English in Australia, Canada, U.S. and U.K.; Portuguese in Brazil; French in Canada and France; German in Germany; Japanese in Japan; and Korean in Korea. Rolling out over the coming weeks, these new languages will soon automatically be available on eligible Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher with Google Play Services, and later in the year, they’ll also be available on iPhones” Said, Google in their official blog post.

Google Assistant is expected to roll out to more languages and more devices soon. By the end of this year, Google will enable the support for all promised languages and devices.


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  1. Kamal Nayan says

    ANy new Indian languages?

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