Google to add support for Always on display in Pixel devices

Google might soon update their Pixel smartphones with a new feature. Looks like, they are planning to add always on display feature to the Pixel devices. An APK breakdown conducted by the XDA Developers revealed the presence of codes for always on display. It hints that the always on display feature is now under testing phase and will roll out the to users soon.

When Nexus devices introduced, there was no always on display feature on that device. Same happened with the Pixel series too. Google was using an ambient display which shows notifications via a black and white screen that activates when taken out of a pocket. It works when a notification comes in your phone. But it was not very great for that price. So that was a really big drawback of the Google Pixel and Nexus devices. Google has discontinued Nexus series, so we can’t any future feature updates for that devices. But looks like, Pixel are devices are going to receive this feature.

Google to add support for Always on display in Pixel devices 2
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In a post, XDA stated: in code, “doze” refers to Ambient Display, and not the new power-saving feature that was baked into Marshmallow. Google’s engineers choose a reference name for a feature that may not be reflective of the feature’s actual name. Thus, “doze_always_on” could mean what you think it means.


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