Follow this simple steps to make your Twitter account safe and secure

This is the time to make sure your ¬†Twitter accounts are safe. Because recently, one of the top political leaders in India has faced some issues due to the attack of a hacker. Somebody has hacked his official Twitter ID along with the Party’s official ID. The hacker has tweeted so many offensive¬†things that have driven him to some issues. So it is clear that digital life is not much secure. We need to make sure our accounts are safe. So let’s discuss how we can secure our Twitter accounts to get rid of hackers and bad people.

Steps to make Twitter account safe:

  1. Create a secure password:
  2. Enable Login Verification
  3. Avoid clicking on unknown links
  4. Always be careful before authenticating your Twitter account for third party apps
  5. Keep your device up to date

These are the basic things to ensure the security of your Twitter account. Let’s discuss them deeply.

  • Create a Strong Password: Password password password… It is everything. In this advanced digital world, everything is upon passwords. You know how important for you to keep your password of your Twitter account and other social media accounts. Because with your password, anyone can use your account and they can make harmful effects. So, just create only strong passwords. When you are creating a password, don’t ever include your name in that. If you do so, it will be easy for bad people to guess it out. So make the strong password as a combination of letters, numbers, characters and upper case lower case. So, nobody can easily guess your password.
  • Turn on login verification: You can turn on login verification from your Twitter settings which will add extra security to your account. Whenever you access your account, it will send a text message to your registered phone number with a secret code. That code will be your key to the account. So that, nobody could attack your account.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links: The Internet is full of links. You have to click a lot of links a day to complete your online goals. But, there are so many bad links and hacking links which will take you to the trap of a hacker and it will result in so many issues. So try to avoid clicking on unknown links.
  • Stay up to date: It is one of the important things. You must keep your device up to date to ensure the complete security. The device manufacturer always release security patches and updates to make it more secure. So staying up to date will reduce your chance of getting hooked.

By following all the above steps, you can ensure that your account is safe. Now enjoy and happy tweeting. If you have time, follow this blog on Twitter at @androidhitsblog.




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