Facebook is working on to add Secret Chats and In-Store purchase to the Messenger

Privacy and Encryption are the main aspect of man’s private life in this tech era. The cold war between Apple and FBI was also ignited in the name of Encryption too. Nowadays, most of the Instant messenger apps are giving encrypted message system, which uses E2E Encryption, no proxies in-between. Recently Facebook owned, WhatsApp Messenger has rolled out into Encryption of messages.

Now it is reportedly says that, Facebook’s popular messaging app, Messenger is also being tested to add Secret Message systems on it. Like other apps, Messenger will use End To end Encryption on it.

Apart from the Encryption, some hints about some payment methods. Messenger could be used to buy things from selected online, retailer stores. The complete working method of Messenger pay system is still unknown. But it could be a payment methods and details storage system which will enable to pay online to any registered retailer by using the Bank account linked with Messenger, instantly.

Facebook has been declined to comment to any of the reports, but it is clear that Facebook is already working for adding Encryption and payment system to the Messenger. We have to wait for the next major update for Messenger to replace secret chats and Wallets with Messenger.


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