Facebook Lite has 200M users monthly worldwide

Facebook had introduced a Lite version of Facebook Android app in 2015 for users especially from developing countries and those who are using lesser bandwidth data to access social platforms. The Lite version uses only a smaller amount of data, and the images are losslessly compressed to show optimized.

Now the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the Facebook Lite app had been used by more than 200 Million users worldwide each month. The App has almost every features that offered by regular Facebook App but works with weak data. It can even work with 2G connection flawlessly and still reliable for every users.

Since from the first launch of the Facebook Lite app, the company has given many updates to bring more performance, fast and better User Interface. The app is popular in many countries including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines. The Facebook is planning to release App in many countries like South Korea, UAE, Italy, and Israel very sooner.