Essential alerts pre-orderers that their phones will be shipped in 7 days

Finally, the wait is over. Essential has sent an email to the pre-orderers that they will ship the PH-1 smartphones within the next 7 days. That’s cool as the customers were waiting for this moment since a long time ago. Also, there have been many position changes within the company that caused the delay in manufacturing the units. However, the company proves that they are legit, today they are sending some emails to the pre-orderers which confirm the availability of the device.


Andy Rubin’s Essential company announced the new smartphones before some months. His announcement created a buzz in the tech world. He introduced the new Essential smartphone as an innovation with many advanced features and unique design. It boasts premium titanium body and it assures complete protection for the hardware. Also, the smartphone is semi-modular and you can try out some modular accessories such as wide angle cameras. So the smartphone fans were thrilled about the device. That’s the reason why they received this much orders in the meantime.


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