How To: Enrolling Android N BETA Program

Google is very fast, and they release the Android “N” developer preview even the Android Marshmallow just have 2.7% share. This is simply clearing Google’s mentality as they just want to be Advance in tech. There are lots of rumors and lots of leaks of Google Android N but here the Developer Preview or BETA Program comes true. Its already proves many leaks true and many leaks false. Though there are a long way to go with Android N BETA program.

So in this post we’ll tell you how to enroll the BETA program for Android N. Obviously as a BETA OS it’ll have lots of bugs and will be very unstable. SO WE ARE NOT RECOMMENDING YOU to use it in you DAILY DEVICE. Though it doesn’t mean Android N isn’t cool.

To enroll the BETA program from your Phone or Tablet first visit and there you’ll see a list of your eligible device. After signing in for BETA program you’ll receive an over-the-air update and here you’re going to your business. Once you’re in the beta program you’ll get an update every 4 to 6 weeks, as par Google says, until the public launch of N, which will happen sometime in the third quarter of this year.

To un-enroll a device from the beta program, just go to that same site again — and choose “UNENROLL DEVICE.” The device will receive another over-the-air update that puts it back on the latest stable public version of Android. It will also do a factory reset itself and wipe all data. Warning: You will lose all data, whatever data is on the phone (and it’ll not be backed up) when you exit the beta program.

Again I’m warning that its a BETA program so bugs are usual so I will not recommend you enroll this program with you primary device, still if you want to do so, do this with your own risk.

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